Covid-19 Policy

Classic Clean Maid Services will be offering COVID-19 disinfection in addition to our regular cleaning services.During this global pandemic we are also taking additional steps to help keep everyone safe. Some of our additional measures include:

  • Daily health screenings for all staff, prior to entering our clients’ homes.
  • Certified equipment decontamination, completed in a special facility, at the end of each day and sanitizing of equipment before and after each use during the day.
  • Staff are required to follow Health Canada’s directive of regular, 30- second hand-washing and sanitizing, during home visits, after home visits and prior to entering our clients homes or our offices.
  • Additional applications of Health Canada registered, authentically botanical, sanitizer/disinfectant to all “high-contact” surfaces (ie. light switches, door-knobs, railings, etc.) This step is provided at no extra cost to our valued clients.

We look forward to providing you the best and safest cleaning and disinfection service Don’t just clean your home, Classic Clean it.